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  • How do I book a consultation?
    The easiest way to book a consultation is online. You can book it on our website (insert website) or email us for an appointment time. Phones are not answered regularly as I am primarily working alone, and will be focusing on the client in my chair! If you need immediate assistance you can call our sister company Mint Hair Studio at 613-695-3133 as there is always someone at the phone during work hours!
  • What does the consultation consist of?
    The consultation is an hour long process where I asses your needs and wants and then make a plan that fits your needs and your budget.
  • What measures are in place for Covid safety?
    With COVID-19 still kicking around, we’ve implemented some new rules and changes to ensure everyone’s safety! We want to be realistic with what this is going to look like for your visit so we’ll break it down for you below: Your temperature will be taken before entry with a touch-less thermometer, staff will also have their temps checked before each shift. We have a COVID assessment form for you to fill out and sign, we trust you'll answer honest and accurately. If you’re sick or have been around someone who is, or if you have travelled internationally recently -- please stay home. If you have a child isolating or experiencing symptoms -- you will need to reschedule your appointment. Our waiting area has been removed and we ask that you kindly wait outside for a member of our staff to greet you. You must sanitize your hands when you arrive and when you leave. You and your stylist will be required to wear a mask and/or face shield for the duration of your appointment. You may have to hold your mask over your mouth and nose during some services. (Think shampoos, cutting/combing around the ears, etc.). We will provide replacements if needed. No extra people (friends, family, kids) will be able to come to your appointment. No dogs will be allowed until further notice. No walk-ins of any kind -- not for bang trims or for product. Please email or call so we’re expecting you! Practice social distancing as much as possible -- our floors will be marked with guides to help with this. Prices have been raised by $2 per service to account for the cost of PPE and to off-set extra time needed for cleaning and disinfecting. No product retail will be displayed. Ask your stylist or email us for what you’d like! We will continue to offer curbside pickup for product. No drinks will be served and we ask that you do not bring any outside food or beverages -- a reusable water bottle being the exception. All magazines have been removed -- Pinterest and Instagram are great resources for hair inspiration! Since it will be primarily just Kristen on site, we'll be keeping numbers of people who enter very limited to decrease chance of exposure to all of my fellow immunocompromised peeps! If you had an appointment that was cancelled, we will be making our way through the list chronologically before accommodating new appointments. Existing appointments will be honoured, but may have to be adjusted to fit into our new schedule and limitations. We ask for your patience as our inbox is bursting and we will do our best to accommodate everyone as soon as possible. Please keep in mind we are human, not hair robots, and we’re at the mercy of the government right now. Feel free to reach out if you would like a new appointment, but please be patient with us. Due to the logistics of having two teams, we highly suggest you contact us via email whenever possible as we may not always be able to answer the phone.
  • How early should we arrive to our appointment?
    During COVID, we ask that you arrive as close to your appointment time as possible - to keep numbers down in the building and avoid congestion at the door. Otherwise, we encourage you to arrive 5-10 minutes early to your appointment so we can get you settled with a beverage, and you have a moment to chill out before we get started. ​If you’re running late, give us a call— preferably before your appointment time has begun. If you will be more than 15 minutes late, we may need to reschedule your appointment to avoid the ripple effect into other clients’ appointment start times. We will do our best to modify your service to accommodate you.
  • What if I have to cancel my appointment?
    Life happens, we totally get it. We work around your busy schedule, so we ask that you give at least 24 hours notice when you’re unable to make your appointment in our busy schedules. We know not all circumstances come with advance notice — so we’ll be understanding as long as it does not become a trend. Last-minute cancellations prevent us from accommodating our wait-list, and leave our stylists with missed opportunities to make someone’s day, and make a living.
  • What happens with no-shows?
    Waiting on people sucks. Imagine if your friend just didn’t show up to plans. And then, simultaneously $30 just disappeared from your wallet. That would really suck, wouldn’t it? We send email reminders, as well as confirmation calls 24 hours before your appointment. Our time is our livelihood, so please don’t leave us hanging. Give us a call, shoot us an email — we can reschedule & try to fill that slot. If this happens on more than one occasion, we will need to attach a credit card to the file to book future appointments. 50% of your scheduled service will be charged for any future missed appointments.
  • What if I'm not loving my new 'do?
    If you are not entirely satisfied with the final result, kindly let us know within two weeks of the original service date. It’s not awkward, it’s not weird & no, we won’t be mad at you — after all, we strive to make you and your hair happy! Any correction request made after two weeks from the original service date will be under the discretion of management. Corrections must be scheduled with the stylist that performed the original service. Please keep in mind that if you try a new colour or cut and you decide it’s not the colour or cut for you, that does not qualify as a correction; however, we will do our best to get you in as quickly as possible to get you feeling like you again.
  • Can I bring my kid(s)?
    We love kids! We also want them to stay safe. Salons are full of dangerous, sharp, hot, and inedible things. If you have a kiddo needing a haircut, bring ‘em in! If you’re bringing your kiddo(s) to your appointment, please make sure they’re well-occupied and well-behaved and not interrupting other clients’ experiences at the salon -- sometimes it’s their only Me Time away from their kids.
    KEVIN.MURPHY products are lightweight and nourishing to ensure your hair is as healthy as possible, but better than that: they actually work! Their products will always do exactly what they say they will do and most of the time, they do even more! Many of the products have multi-uses outside of their initial design, which makes KEVIN.MURPHY extremely consumer friendly, as well as being eco-friendly! ​KEVIN.MURPHY is 100% committed to leaving as little an eco-footprint as possible! They partner with companies that use micro-cultivation, organic growing practices, or ecologically-sound wild harvesting techniques, as well as companies like Green Circle Salons, who provide sustainable waste management in salons (see our post on them!) ), and ECOHEADS, who create water-conserving showerheads for salon basins! (See our post on them, as well!) They are also PETA approved, which means they never test their products or any ingredients of their products on animals. They recently committed to redesigning their bottles to be made of 100% recycled ocean plastics and have been bringing attention and providing support to The Dress Code Project and other LGBTQ+ movements. ​And last but not least: their products are sulphate and paraben free! Their products use natural surfactants to keep your colour vibrant and fresh and they have chosen to forgo preservatives in their products to avoid the use of parabens - it's just another way KEVIN.MURPHY is going above and beyond. ​ Read more here:
    At ApartMint we aim to provide you with the safest and most gentle colour process options possible. About to be a new mom? Allergies? Worried about the strong chemical nature of colour? Whatever your reason might be, we offer these naturally inspired options that will ease your concerns. “COLOR.ME is born from KEVIN.MURPHY’s vision of fusing session work, fashion and hair colour. This compact colour line delivers high performance, natural looking results and optimum colour functionality. An artful blend of gentle and “from the earth ingredients naturally moisturize, rejuvenate and impact incredible shine without having to further compromise the environment.” Think everything you’ve just learned about KEVIN.MURPHY above, but add full gray coverage, fashion colours, and high-performance blonding! “What goes inside the tube is just as important as the colour it creates. The choices we made are PPD free, ammonia free, and naturally derived ingredients like Aloe Vera, Honey, Shea Butter, and Pomegranate” — Kevin Murphy Read more here:
  • Pulp Riot
    Keeping on brand of eco-friendly products, we offer Pulp Riot for our vibrant and fashion shades! Pulp Riot is the first vibrant colour line to be vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty-free! It’s a mixable line that allows for the creation of some absolutely amazing and completely personalized hair colours! Read more here:
  • Olaplex
    Fun Fact: Olaplex was created using the same principles behind anti-rejection medication for organ transplants! Olaplex rebuilds broken disulphide bonds within the structure of the hair caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage; then the system perfects those bonds, permanently strengthening your hair. Best part: there’s a take-home portion of the system to help you maintain your hair at home! Read more here:
  • Peter Coppola
    For our in-house Smoothing System, we choose Peter Coppola! Their keratin smoothing system offers the ability to de-frizz and smooth your hair without permanently altering the molecular structure of your hair. This system will not straighten curly hair, but it will strengthen, smooth, and de-frizz any hair type, making styling a breeze! The system also repairs and shields your hair from heat styling and UV exposure, lasts a minimum of three months, and is formaldehyde-free and releases no off-gases during the process, AND is non- carcinogenic! Why would you choose anything else!? Read more here:
  • Is it possible to colour my wig?
    It is possible to get your wig professionally coloured or highlighted if it is a human hair wig. This is not an option for synthetic wigs.
  • Can I heat style my wig?
    This depends on the type of wig you get but I will definitely go over any limitations your wig has so it doesn’t get damaged.
  • Are you able to style my wig for me?
    I will be offering a styling service for your wig so you can drop it off with me to be cleaned, styled and ready to wear upon pick up!!
  • How do I clean/style my wig at home?
    Enter your answer here
  • What does your wig recycling program entail?
    This program is set up so wigs are saved from landfills and given new life with someone on a tight budget.
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