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Your Cancer Care Curator

Consider ApartMint your go-to for getting through your Cancer journey. I am are here for you emotionally, mentally and physically. In all aspects that I can be. I've been in your shoes before and have come out of it with dignity and knowledge. Lean on ApartMint to help you make the first cut, the big shave, discuss wig options, scalp treatments, eyebrows and lashes. Whatever you're going through, no matter the stage, I'm here to help make each day a little brighter and to maintain your self-love.

How ApartMint came to be... 

In 2019, I was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s lymphoma at 36 years old. To say I was shocked, panicked and scared was an understatement. On top of all the treatments, knowing that I was going to lose my hair hit me the hardest. Hair was so much a part of my identity — personally and professionally — that the thought of having to shave my head was horrific. Thankfully, I had a whole team of amazing hair stylists around me that were very supportive and willing to cut my hair in stages so I could get used to the idea before it all fell out! I realized during my own process that I had shaved people’s heads to prepare them for hair loss before. Although I knew it was probably very difficult for them, I had no idea how big an impact the change in appearance would be on the mind, body and soul. Losing your hair is arguably the last step in submitting to the fact that you're truly sick and being unable to hide it.

It was in that moment that I decided I wanted to help other people who have to face the same kind of loss that I had. I came up with the concept for ApartMint over the next year or so and now have the perfect little spot to bring my passion project to life! I want to provide people with comfort and support in the most uncertain, difficult time of their life. It’s a challenging time in many ways, and if I can help someone feel a little better about facing the day to day tasks that come with being sick, I’d like to. Consider me somewhat of a cancer care curator; I’ll take you through the options and steps for hair loss, emotional support when it feels like no one can relate, and how to help manage your new hair post chemo. I want to help you feel comfortable, whether that means getting a wig to match the hair you lost, or switching it up with something completely different, such as wearing scarves or hats to keep you warm or fully owning your beautiful bald head! You’ve even got the choice of pulling off a combination of all the options, just because you can! Between cancer and COVID, I’ve learned that life can be pretty unpredictable and sometimes scary, BUT being kind to yourself in challenging times is often the best medicine!

Marble Surface

I’m a small town gal who moved to the big city 20 years ago to follow my hair dreams! Colour was my first love, so I started off as a colour technician, which I found very fascinating. I then started developing my hair cutting skills and really enjoyed being able to have my hands in every aspect of a client visit from start to finish!

Beyond my love of hair, I just love people and it’s been a pleasure getting to know my clients who have become like family to me. I’ve been able to establish roots in Hintonburg for most of my career and have built an amazing sense of community, much like the small town I came from!

I opened up Mint Hair Studio in 2011. My goal was to create an eco-friendly hair salon where leaving as little negative impact on the Earth as possible was a priority. We strive to have the most environmentally friendly options available. We’ve also made it our mission to find and align ourselves with other companies that make the same efforts. We use ammonia and PPD-free hair colour as well as natural, cruelty-free products.

I have an amazing staff of talented stylists who, like me, have a passion for hair and the planet.

About Kristen

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